New health index adds efficacy to diabetes treatment

Ahmedabad, August 5, 2019 –

A group of medical doctors presented here on Tuesday the efficacy of a new health index that helps experts to effectively treat patients with diabetes condition using an integrated approach.
Ahmedabad-based Diabetes Care India Founder Dr Banshi Saboo, the lead author of the Blue Index Health Score (BIHS) along with Dr Sanjiv Pathak and Dr Dharmendra Panchal, made the presentation.
Dr Saboo, MD, MSC (Endocrinology, UK) Ph.D, made the presentation to journalists and explained the salient features of the BIHS at a Press Conference held here on Tuesday at Gandhi Park Society, Abavadi, near Nehru Nagar.
Speaking about the health index ahead of the Press Conference, Dr Saboo said, “The Blue Index Health Score helps medical professionals immediately attend to a specific issue without wasting time. The index is part of an integrated management of a patient’s diabetes condition along with regular medications, monitoring, follow-up with consultants, counselling and increasing awareness of the condition.”
A lack of knowledge about diabetes and continuing with bad lifestyle habits worsens the condition in many patients, he said. “Alarmingly, increasing number of young people suffer from diabetes which becomes more complex in Indian conditions.”
Besides intervention by medical consultants, people with diabetic condition need to increase their awareness of their condition, adjust their lifestyle by adopting good habits, and exercise regularly. People with acute condition also need psychological counselling besides receiving optimal medical intervention that is patient centric, said Dr Saboo.