Global forum launches women’s wing in Surat

The Indus Entrepreneur propels new ventures

Sudeep Sonawane
Surat, 20 January 2020

Not-for-profit organisation The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE) Thursday launched its women’s chapter to guide and assist Surat-based ladies either doing business or planning a new venture.
TiE Surat Governing Council, led by Sanjay Punjabi, hosted the launch event at Marriott Hotel, Athwalines in Surat.
Council office bearers, TiE Surat President Elect Gaurav Singhvi, Vice President Kashyap Pandya and Women’s Chapter Lead Surbhi Saxena Madhwani welcomed and addressed the gathering comprising over 100 top women entrepreneurs of Surat.
TiE Women Chair Hemalatha Annamalai, from Coimbatore chapter, Vice-Chair Dharti Desai and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sammaan CSR Ltd Managing Director and CEO Hemant Gupta and spoke at the interactive event anchored by TiE Surat Associate Director Rinki Singh.
Highlighting the role and scope of TiE Women’s wing keynote speaker Annamalai said, “TiE is not a ladies fun club. This is serious business.”
The pioneer and lead of Coimbatore TiE encouraged the gathering and advised them how go about their business ventures. “Dream big, but never jump into any business venture without clarity, research and planning.”
Surbhi Saxena Madhwani, who introduced the panellists, said, “I see big opportunity for women entrepreneurs in India. Women’s TiE idea developed in December 2019 during the TiE Global summit. We decided to develop this and take women entrepreneurs to the next level.”
The panellists highlighted the importance of TiE’s five pillars – mentoring, education, networking, incubation and investing – at the launch event.
Annamalai warned young entrepreneurs to “focus on your targets and stay away from nay sayers who spread negativity”. She warned them not to “choose your mentor diligently, but do not get too emotional with your mentor”.
BSE Sanmaan’s Hemant Gupta spoke about the reasons for TiE and BSE tie-up and Mumbai bourse’s ‘Empower’ initiative by ZoneStartups India that supports women entrepreneurs while TiE New York’s Vice-Chair Dharti Desai highlighted the group’s global scope saying, “The sky is not the limit for your creative and innovative ideas”.
Sharing her experience of being able to do her business in a field dominated by men, Business Network International Surat’s Alchemist Chapter President Preeti Bansal said, “While I was in my teens, my idea of feminism was not to do everything my mom did. As I grew older my thinking evolved to, ‘I should be able to stand beside a guy, be it my father or brother, and say I can do this and I have achieved this being a woman.”
About TiE
A group of professionals with roots in the Indus region founded TiE in 1992 in Silicon Valley, California.
What does TiE do?
TiE supports entrepreneurship through mentoring, education, networking, incubation and investing.
Mentors guide new entrepreneurs on the way to their success. Mentors also work to alleviate poverty and unemployment by fostering entrepreneurship worldwide.
Education is TiE’s second pillar. Its educational programme includes TIE Young Entrepreneurship (TYE) that teaches the basics of starting business to school students. TiE’s International Start up Competition (TISC) helps college students and TiE’s Women’s forum guides female entrepreneurs through its network and large scale conferences such as TiECon and TiE Global Summit.
Networking, TiE’s third pillar, helps new entrepreneurs meet with successful founders, top executives from corporate, technology and venture capital companies and thought leaders at its conferences and forums it organises periodically globally.
Incubation, TiE’s fourth pillar, assists new entrepreneurs by facilitating space or subsidised services through its network of sponsors and partners.
Investing, TiE’s fifth pillar, funds new start-ups through TiE Angel groups or investors. “The success of TiE is based on these five pillars coupled with the initiative shown by new entrepreneurs,” panellists said at the event.
TiE 2020 Board of Trustees
TiE Global Chair Mahavir Pratap Sharma (Chair & Co-founder Rajasthan Angel Innovators Network); TiE Global Vice-Chair Dinesh Dhamija (Founder, former CEO, London); CN Madhusudan (Founder & CEO VectorSpan Inc, Atlanta); Venktesh Shukla (General Partner, Monta Vista Capital, Silicon Valley); Vijay Kotrappa (President, Second Differential, SoCal); Sharon Richardson Howell (Co-founder and Managing Partner Huntington Hill Ventures, Oregon); Smita Siddhanti (President, Endyma Inc, Washington DC); Tariq Khan (
Co-founder & former CEO Games 24x& Inc, New York); Kali Prasad Gadiraju (Chair Shihon Advisors LLP, Hyderabad); Praveen Tailam (Partner & Officer Aspen Dental, Boston); Puneet Pushkarna (General Partner Solmark, Singapore); Raj Judge (Partner Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Silicon Valley.)