Clearcut strategy needed: Sheikha Hanadi

Qatar News Agency
May 31, 2010
Doha: The Global Redesign Summit should brainstorm and spell out a clear cut strategy for global co-operation and sustainable economic development, one of the top businesswomen of the region said here on the first day of the two-day event under the aegis of the World Economic Forum.
Leading Qatari businesswoman, Sheikha Hanadi bint Nasser bin Khalid Al Thani said in an exclusive interview to Qatar News Agency (QNA) yesterday, “We should have a strategy that will cover reforms in finance, education, energy and take a close look at the security of our shores and the region in general.
“It is about getting these clever people to sit down and lay down the strategy and agenda, it is not about making politically correct statements like ‘finding the way forward; but setting out the actual business plan on all key fronts that would benefit all,” Sheikha Hanadi said.
Sheikha Hanadi, CEO of Al Wa’ab City, Vice President of Nasser Bin Khaled Al Thani & sons Holding Group and Vice Chairperson and MD of Amwal, is one of the luminaries of the region’s business world and a torch-bearer for Arab women entrepreneurs.
Qatar is a part of the international community; it is very clear what happens internationally affects us locally. We are a small nation, but we have a say in what’s happening around the world,” said Sheikha Hanadi regarding the urgent need for sustainable policies and modules to pre-empt economic crises that the global community suffered over the last two years.

Sheikha Hanadi bint Nasser bin Khalid Al Thani

“This gathering in Doha of academia, policy-makers, economists and business community is like a big brainstorming session which will probe the question ‘where are we today?’ and ‘where are we from the goals of the Millennium which we aspire to. The key is to spell out a more effective and lasting strategy,” she said.
Sheikha Hanadi, who has won many accolades and awards like the ‘Woman CEO of the Year’ at the Third Middle East CEO Awards Institute for her contribution in boosting Qatar’s economic and social profile in the Arab world, said she is glad Qatar is hosting the summit providing the stage for top academia, economists and policy-makers to find solutions.
(Reporter Sudeep Sonawane)

What is ‘Global Redesign’?

It’s a unique process examining how global problems are addressed and managed. 1,500 global experts from academia, business, government and non-governmental organizations, have developed a series of concrete proposals addressing shortcomings in different areas of international cooperation.
That process has broadened the scope of international governance discussions, beyond the important work being done by the G20 on financial supervision and macroeconomic cooperation and offers encouragement to those seeking more pre-emptive and coordinated action on the full range of risks that have been accumulating in the international system.
The process is now at a point where their findings are ready for discussion with policy-makers at this special World Economic Forum Global Redesign Summit in Qatar, under the patronage of the governments of Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland and Tanzania.