A lonely boy’s despair turns into hope in a Kathmandu cafe

By Pradeep Adhikari
Kathmandu, June 5, 2020

What hope did I have? What future did I have? I did not know how my life would unfold. I had no choices. Darkness engulfed me. I could not cling on to any person for help. There was no one. My life was a mess. I was desperate, alone and had no money. In my dark, depressive life that had no future, God suddenly showed me that he cared for me. A ray of hope arrived. God decided to help me just as He had shown his love and concern for the Israelite. Now my sinking hopes renewed. Genesis 2:24-25 says God heard their groaning (of the Israelites) and remembered his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and with Jacob. So, He looked on them and was concerned about them.
Fear and confusion grips me when I think about my difficult past. Till the day God rescued me, my hopes were bleak.
God revealed himself to me in a different way. I never knew this God until He showed himself to me. He came to me in the form of Word which is the Bible. I grew in the knowledge of God by reading His word and by praying, He revealed me even more about Himself. He had told Moses “I AM WHO I AM” when he was in Horeb, the Mountain of God as written in Exodus 3:1 and in verse 14.
Now, you need to understand that God does not appear in the same way to people. Different people called Him different names because that is how God appears to them. So, we cannot question Him about it or cannot even know God in our limited mind. That is why when Moses asked God if the Israelites asked him what is God’s name, God replied, “I AM WHO I AM.”
One of the most popular verses in the Bible is John 3:16. It says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  Here God shows his love for the world by giving his only Son on the cross. His Son suffered for us, died for us and on the third day he resurrected from the dead for us so we reunite with God. Besides, he also sent the third person called the Holy Spirit who guides us, leads us and helps us in the ways we can never imagine now or in the future.
If God did not spare his only Son and allowed him to die for the world, how can he be quiet and do nothing for the world in this hour of the global pandemic. He is planning something that we do not know. He is God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Israelite which means he is the living God not the god of dead who has eyes but cannot see, who has ears but cannot hear and who has mouth cannot speak. So, let us continuously hope in God and praise him with thanksgiving and prayer in supplication. For He will surely come.
Finally, just as He showed his concern to the Israelites, similarly he does care for me. He rescued me and provided me with food, clothes, shelter as well as with education. He blessed me in such a way that I found favour in the eyes of many who helped me.
From hopelessness my life turned around. God made the remarkable change in my life; a change that I could never imagine. He gave me a job as well as education.  I worked in plush cafe and guesthouse in Dhobighat, Lalitpur that is adjacent to Kathmandu district. I lived and worked for Hannah’s Café and Guesthouse for five years. It was a great learning experience for me. I learned to manage the café and the guesthouse that would welcome foreign visitors from all parts of the world. I started from scratch and went on to become the manager. It was my great joy and honour to work there. While I worked there, I finished Bachelor of Business Studies. I’m currently teaching in a school in Kathmandu. I’m thankful for all who help me during my difficult times. I believe that I would experience God favour during my life time as well as those who have hope in Him as well.