The financial consultant

Sudeep Sonawane, April 2007 –  RIIIIIIIIIIIING, riiiiiiinnnnng. .. “Hello?”“Haallo! Is it the Editor?” said the unfamiliar voice.“Yes! It is he!”“He?? Err… em. . . hmmm. .. I would like to speak with you!”“You are already speaking!”A moment of silence followed.“Hmmm. .. I would like to meet you,” said the man.“You are welcome to my office,” I replied.“Day after tomorrow, preferably in the morning. May I … Continue reading The financial consultant

Indian restaurants add spice to living in Qatar

By Sudeep SonawaneJune 2014Around half past seven in the evening, the middle grade Indian restaurant in Najma,(1, Notes) Doha, buzzes with life. Waiters scurry around attending diners either conversing with one another, eating or waiting for their order.Amid this bustle, a fraillooking waiter stands quietly in the aisle, head bowed, as the diner scolds him in Hindi.“Mei yahan dus minute say baitha hoon, aur tumh … Continue reading Indian restaurants add spice to living in Qatar